Intellectual Property
We advise authors, artists and performers and all entities that hold copyright and related rights in matters regarding the protection of their work and artistic performance and in the enforcement of theirs rights, in the areas of music, literature, cinema, architecture and others, as well as in the software development area. We assist entities that wish to protect their products, services or their inventions through trademarks and other registrations as appropriate to highest standards of domestic and international protection.

At Luiz Gomes & Associates we are dedicated to the promotion and protection of arts and culture and have decades of experience in this sector. We provide preventive assistance in the area of protection of intellectual property rights, including through domestic, European and international registrations, and in cases of breach of rights, having extensive experience in intellectual property litigation proceedings.

As to copyright works’ economic rights, we liaise with domestic and foreign collective management organisations on collection and distribution of royalties to authors and performers, advising our clients on the most efficient solutions from a commercial standpoint.

We have an integrated knowledge of our client’s business, which allows us to provide complete assistance on these matters, such as structuring and drafting of all contractual instruments related with intellectual property rights, with the purpose of licensing or transferring rights in the most appropriate manner considering each business model.

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