Media, Arts & Culture
We assist our clients in the media sector to reach the best solutions and achieve their goals in the context of the legal framework, for the defense of freedom of speech We are focused in the promotion and development of arts and culture, advising public and private entities of the sector, authors, artists and performers, as well as publishers, producers and booking agents.

At Luiz Gomes & Associates we share a significant experience in the media sector. We have been advising companies in the social media sector in matters concerning the distribution of contents, broadcasting, media licensing, creation and production, including all contracts and protection of intellectual property rights and relationship with regulatory entities.

Luiz Gomes & Associates advises clients in matters of advertising, social media and digital marketing as well. We have assisted both corporations and individuals in proceedings destined to defend and protect freedom of speech, privacy and intellectual property rights.

We are strongly committed to the promotion and protection of arts and culture.

Lawyers at Luiz Gomes & Associates represent public and private entities in all legal matters involved with the establishment of museums and cultural foundations, including in their relationship with the State and other authorities. We represent authors, creators and artists, to identify the most effective solutions for the protection of their rights and the development of their artistic activities, combining technical accuracy with a vast knowledge of the publishing, production and agency markets. We also provide complete and integrated legal assistance in the fields of music, cinema, literature and visual arts.

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