The firm
A tribute to the past, with the future on the horizon

With almost thirty years of legal practice of which more than ten within a global firm, André Luiz Gomes decided to recapture the name of his father’s ancient firm and pay him homage. Luiz Gomes is therefore a tribute to Mr. Joaquim Luiz Gomes for his dedication to the legal profession and the values that it pursues.

Luiz Gomes & Associates (Luiz Gomes) is a new law firm resulting from the association between André Luiz Gomes and other distinguished lawyers. Originating from reputable law firms in Lisbon, lawyers at Luiz Gomes share the same view of the legal practice as an independent and responsible profession, destined to serve clients in a complex and challenging world.
The firm is especially dedicated to providing legal advice to companies operating in various sectors of activity, focusing in commercial, banking and financial areas of law, both internally and in cross-border transactions, administrative law, tax and dispute resolution. See expertise.
For us, competence, responsibility and ethics are key and we are committed with excellence, innovation, development and sustainability, in a firm that respects differences, promotes an effective equality of opportunities and a healthy balance between professional and personal life. See team and careers.
We are firmly set in staying in the front line of the legal industry and we are aware of the role of lawyers as guardians of freedom and the rule of law. See News.